who am i?

"Life is the tale of two stories--one finite and frail, the other eternal and enduring.

The tiny one--the story of us--is as brief as the blink of an eye. Yet somehow our infatuation with our 

own  little story--and our determination to make it as big as we possibly can--blinds us to the massive 

GOD STORY that surrounds us on every side."  Louie Giglio

Bom Dia!  My name is Caitlyn and welcome to my blog.  As I write to you, I hope you see a journey through life brimming with funny quirks, surprises, predicaments, and other fun ramblings.  While life is a beautiful disaster, I hope you can see the daily blessings surrounding each of us and how awesome of God we truly have. 

My life started in the comfy space of the womb and being a month late I obviously enjoyed it quite thoroughly.  After birth I progressed like any young child and lived the extreme happy days of a carefree kid.  I wasn't the most pleasant kid and on rare (ok, change that to numerous) days threw temper tantrums, fits, attitudes, and anything else that needed some sort of punishment.  Thankfully, I got over that and can now say I am your perfect woman...ha ha haha!  Anyways, during the later grades of Elementary school, I discovered what I was going to be when I grew up.  This has stuck with me since that time and  I am as determined as ever to make it happen.  I like to call it a story teller!  When you think of storyteller, I am sure you are brought back to your days of sitting on your bed listening to your parents read you a "Good Night" story. While I think those are plenty cool...that is not what I am talking about.  I am a missionary storyteller and I tell stories from behind a lens, through writing, and sharing life with the faces in this world.  I hope to share how Christ impacted my life, changed me, and took this mess of a person and transformed it into something beautiful.  

This kind of storytelling mission starts in our own home, neighborhood, city, state, country; and leads us around the world.  Overseas missions, especially in Africa, has been on my mind my entire life...something about the people and culture continues to hold my heart.  I can't wait to see where I end up in the next couple of years but for now I am just a girl, living in Iowa, doing my best to serve Him through the mundane.  He is preparing me constantly so I can be effective for His kingdom and sometimes it isn't pretty and joyful but I know it's purpose lasts an eternity!  As you read through the random writings and gaze upon entertaining photos, I ask that you look past the day to day basics and see a heart for the world and a joy that is only found through Christ!  Have an amazing day!

facts & quirks...

I am not but I know I AM-----I have a certificate in Graphic Design-----I adore cheese sticks-----I want to chase a tornado-----I can crack a coconut “Ercylio style"-----Nikon all the way, to Canon I will never sway-----I talk A LOT, I talk too fast, & supposedly I talk loud?-----I am a traveling college nomad-----I am Gluton free-----I have a hobby of constantly cutting and dying my hair-----I like to ask too many questions-----I have a dream to move overseas and be a “missionary storyteller”-----I am the oldest of four kids & I have a family that trumps all others-----I sometimes brush my teeth with baking soda…best whitener in the world.-----I laugh often-----I despise eggs-----I have crooked ribs-----I don't really like to cook but I substitute this with my LOVE of cleaning-----I know I was supposed to be born on the beach…instead I live in the middle of a cornfield-----The End

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